Shift Residency 2014

 EFA Project Space, NYC

Corner Lab, 2014, EFA Project Space Shift Residency, life spiders, laboratory made with plastic sheets and tape, spider webs, plaster models, photo documentation, dimensions variable


Corner Lab explores the relationship of natural and artificial forms and contexts taking place in architecture. It engages the dilemma between the artificial, man-made structures based on square geometry with the free-flowing organic forms found in the natural world. Its process is based on observation and study of the symbiotic behavior of home spiders, which colonize room corners to create their webs and living habitats. For the project Corner Lab a sealed tent like shelter made with plastic sheets has been built-in the corner of the EFA gallery. Inside the artists introduced common house spiders brought from their home, which has been fed with houseflies and allowed to interact with the native architecture over the period of two weeks. The visitors may have entered to observe the process via double door chamber. Finally based on the forms of the spider webs Mildes created series of site-specific sculptural objects made with plaster that represent a model transforming the relations between the man-made and the organic.