Kristyna and Marek Milde

March 15 – June 30, 2011

Work in progress installation created from furniture found on the streets of New York in a period of one month

as part of the Express + Local project at the Queens College Art Center curated by Tara Mathison.


The installation ” Looking for Home”  is being populated  over a period of a one month with the  street finds to create a home environment in a public space. The objects are cleaned, repaired and categorized. The public is encouraged to use it as a working space.

The Rules of Creating “Looking for a Home”

1. To create a lounge environment for the Queens College Art Center, which represents an island of private sphere within the public institutional space.

2. All objects are found on the streets of New York by the artists during the period of one month.

3. The pieces are selected with the criteria, that the artist would like to have them at home.

4. The objects are repaired and cleaned and gradually added to the installation.

5. Each object is documented and categorized in the Records of the Finds  and the location of its find is traced on a map.

6. If  during the search period a better piece is found, than the one already included in the installation, it will replace and upgrade the previous one.

7. Finally a catalogue of the installation is produced.

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