Motherboards, 20023, edition of 5, Photo Etching on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with immersion gold finish,21.6”x 14.3” (55cm x 36.4cm) 

The Motherboards (2023) is a series based on photographs of ever-present power lines crisscrossing the New York sky that emphasizes the connection between tree networks and electric power lines while pointing out the interdependence of urban energy systems on natural resources. 

Wires, old and new, entangled with trees, and branches, twist and encircle each other in a mass of chaotic connections. In the Motherboards series, these interlacing line patterns are etched onto green copper boards and inlay with gold, using the technique for Printed Circuit Boards. Both trees and cables transfer energy and power; our visual exploration of these disparate energy forces emphasizes their unified primary source – the sun, water, and air. 

First exhibited at our solo show Conductive Fields at the Hesse Flatow Gallery in the summer of 2023.