Plantarium: Circles and Constellations

Plantarium: Circles and Constellations (2021), S-A House, Upstate NY,

corten steel plates, metal frame, soil, local plants and stones, pond, 32’x 7’x 4′


Plantarium: Circles and Constellations (2021) by Kristyna and Marek Milde is a permanent living sculpture developed as a site-specific private commission for the new S-A house by the architects LevenBetts in upstate NY. 

Designed to create an immersive experience of nature Plantarium is a steel sculpture and a garden connecting the atrium of the house to the open landscape. It takes the form of a rusted Corten steel platform dotted with laser-cut circular openings that host living plants. Its design is based on emerging circular patterns in nature, mapping the complex relationships in the ecosystem. The piece is a microcosm mirroring the surrounding environment, reflecting natural diversity on site. It features a selection of local plants and stones transferred from the property. A small pond in a form of water droplets represents the local wetland, ferns and mosses recall the shady woodlands, and the arrangement of stones echoes the dry and sunny environment of a gravel quarry.   

Plantarium creates a bridge between the house and the landscape, inviting to be experienced by walking sitting, and observing to contemplate surrounding nature and seasonal change.

Photo credit: Eva Heyd, JA, CS, Kristyna and Marek Milde