Public Library


Kristyna and Marek Milde

 ongoing  project

Public Library

Public Library,  collections of discarded books found on the streets, custom sized plywood boxes, dimensions variable


The project with the working title “Public Library” is an installation created with discarded books we find on the streets of New York.

It is part of our larger body of work concerning alienation of the urban environment and the issues of consumerism and culture of disposal.

The books, which are usually found thrown away in series, we see as curated collections carefully selected for rejection. They not only represent interests and taste of the former owner, the act of dumping traces changes and transformation in life, which can be interpreted as getting rid of obsolete ideas concepts and narratives that were part of his or her private universe.

For each collection we find we build wooden encasement according to the specific size, which connects to other individual units/ modules forming together an irregular bookcase. The installation gradually grows in size and takes its shape depending on the finds we do.

Library catalog documenting the collections is produced along with the library.


Public Library - 04


Public Library 2