Work in Progress

Developed at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s

Process Space Residency Program

at Governors Island in 2016


Sitings, digital photography documenting the use of public space in Lower Manhattan, 2016 


Sitings is a series of site-responsive sculptures functioning as furniture exploring the phenomena of unconventional domestication of public space. Sitings examines the conventions and limits of design and urbanism and its isolating effects on the human relationship to the environment.

During the LMCC Process Space Residency 2016 at Governors Island in NYC we have been exploring non-conformist behavioral situations in the public space in Lower Manhattan. The object of our study were diverse individuals such as workers on break, homeless people, tourists, children etc. creating unique and personal forms of interaction with sites and architecture by sitting, lying, reading or eating in un-designed public places. Based on the research and documentation of these situations we sculpted models in clay, which will further serve for the production of the actual Sitings, sculptural objects made to the original scale using the native materials.

Sitings replicate sites and specific places, while it incorporates architectural fragments such as street corners stairs and pavement found in use for sitting or lying it functions as sculptures and chairs and couches at the same time.

While Sitings questions the limits and conventions of the private and the public and its cultural of spatial determination, it amplifies the simple gesture of creating personal space as a creative act, a powerful performative, transformative for the alienated and highly defined urban environment.

At a later point, the project is meant to materialize as an interactive sculptural installation in form of a lounge, reflecting the specific sites, while using materials identical to the original situations such as pavement, concrete, and bricks. The piece will allow exploring and experiencing a site-integrity through use and physical interaction.

Sitings extends a body of our work, in which we explore the activity of sitting and furnishing as a means to experience broader social and environmental issues such as Homescape (2014), Looking for a Home (2011), In Loving Memory (2011) etc.  The project Sitings is aiming to activate environmental awareness and further provoke discussion how to deepen integrity to the environment starting in our immediate surroundings.