Where the Things Go


 Where the Things Go (Bookworm Library); 2019, decomposed books, wood, organic material

Where the Things Go explores the ephemerality of culture versus the cycles in nature, it utilizes entropy as a transformative force while aiming at recycling both books and cultural narratives. Where the Things Go (Bookworm Library) is an installation proposal functioning as an outdoor book composter consisting of bookcases like structures placed in the forest and filled with books, that deteriorate and compost over time.



Where the Things Go (Bookworm Library); 2019, pencil on paper, 14” x 11”




 Where Things Go (Rock Hill Library of Overdue Books)In collaboration with Brian Carey and Valerie Tomaselli, 2020, installation view Unison Art Center, New Paltz, decomposed books, W18 1/2” x H18 1/2” x D 6 ½”


Where Things Go (Rock Hill Library of Overdue Books) is based on the fascinating open-air library project, of Brian Carey and Valerie Tomaselli, who are composting books in the forest of the Shawangunk Mountains.