BOS 2011

June 4th

Do-It-Your-Self, is a site specific installation by the artists Kristyna and Marek Milde made in the center of their home. It consists of a wall painted with color made from dust and debris collected by the artists in their home accompanied with household objects and furniture. DIY explores cultural mechanisms in the domestic space that employ decoration as a mediator to the outside world. It focuses on the attempt through colors and paints to connect the life within the alienated environment of the interior of the white cube to a larger context.

DIY poses a question, if some color in particular could be seen as the color of a home.
Can that be a white, pink or the ultimate designer choice of creamy “Champagne Kisses”?
In marketing strategies paint companies give colors poetic names to recall nature, seasons and romantic places, suggesting the true expression of individual self. It promises to bring fulfillment and peace by evoking the atmosphere of natural harmony. Contrary to the slogans, the paint is used to cover the real context, hiding the nature and history of the place and in most cases being a very toxic substance is not natural at all.

Do-It-Your-Self seeks the site-specific color, which would represent the nature of the site where it is applied – the home. As a pigment it uses naturally occurring material, one that is from the realm of domesticity strictly eliminated, the dust. In this project it is a valuable substance producing a color, which contains particles tracing all activities happening on the site. Consisting of small pieces of all possible things including parts of human skin and hair blended with soil and dirt it is the perfect mixture, which connects the outside and inside environment.

For the new species: “Homo Interius”, a contemporary human, who spends most of its life inside of a white cube separated from the influence of the surrounding environment, colors represent the features of the outside world, from which he is disconnected. Home decoration, souvenirs and art, functions as a replacement to the outside world context but in reality they rather seal the alienation of the petite bourgeois environment. The Do-It-Your-Self is a strategy that follows the immediate presence on site and may be applied virtually in any interior by anyone who is interested in exploring what color his life has.







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  1. Sibay says:

    Your web is really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. Cheers

  2. Clyman says:

    I’m really loving the critical approach to the design! Keep the good work.

  3. Barton Effler says:

    This project is just astonishing!

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